Photoshoots with people are my favourite.

Picture this scenario, I have a client coming in who needs a professional headshot for their new business. They hate being in front of a camera, this is the first thing I am told.

We chat for a while, I tell a few lame jokes and we talk through how the shoot will work, with a little about the gear we will be using.

As they start to feel more comfortable, we take a few practice shots as we dial in the lighting and all the camera settings. Conversations strike up about life and different experiences we have had over the years. Suddenly through a nice memory or a funny moment we capture a beautiful natural image that shows their personality without effort.


The best photos aren't posed or forced, they come from feeling comfortable. I pride myself on these moments. 

If you want us to capture your best you, get in contact with us, we would love to hear from you.